What We Recycle

As much as we would like to be able to recycle everything, some items just can't be recycled.

Do you need used plastic as a secondary raw material for the manufacture of new products? Or would you like to sell a specific volume of plastic? Atlas Green Recycling is the right place.

Atlas Green Recycling has an international and national network to purchase and sale resources for plastic. Our offering includes plastic as well as granulate of various types, such as PET, PE-HD, PVC, PE-LD, PP and PS. Our plastic recycling service consists of collecting, sorting and baling plastic bottles. Atlas Green Recycling recycles all types of plastic bottles– clear, colored and cloudy.

By separating plastic from residual waste, you can save considerably on your waste costs, as your containers will become full less soon. This is better for the environment as well. Atlas Green gives companies advise about which sorts of plastics should be collected together and which should be separated. To make sure you can do this properly, we offer different storage items, such as knapsack holders, roll containers and compact bale presses.

Atlas Green Recycling gladly advises you about the right methods of collecting your plastic waste.

Atlas Green Recycling processes all sorts of paper and cardboard to bales, which are transported to paper factories and other organizations all over the world where the waste paper is processed to create new products. In this manner, waste paper is used efficiently as a secondary raw material.

Atlas Green Recycling collect this paper at different organizations in Morocco such as printers & publishing houses, municipalities, grocery stores and shopping malls, however private customers can deliver their waste paper to us as well. Before the collected paper is processed, any possible dirt is removed, after which it is sorted by quality and then gets pressed into bales.

Waste paper and cardboard serves a resource for 'new' paper and is mainly used for the manufacture of corrugated board and different types of paper, like newsprints.

Atlas Green Recycling has various storage items, such as archive bins and open storage containers, which can also be placed on location.

Atlas Green Recycling gladly advises you about the right methods of collecting your own paper and cardboard waste.

E-waste is electrical and electronic equipment of any kind that has been discarded. This includes practically anything powered by an electrical source (e.g., from a power socket or a battery).

E-waste is mostly made of metal and plastic components, but also contains small amounts of heavy metals and substances of concern (e.g., in printed circuit boards). All these products can be destroyed by Atlas Green Recycling, where we work closely with professional material separation organizations. For the processing of metals and electronics, we use several processing and separation techniques, adjusted to the specific products.

Atlas Green Recycling leads the way in responsible electrical and electronic goods recycling. Our goal is to deliver not just better environmental outcomes, but better community and social outcomes too. We achieve these goals by maintaining sustainable best practice operations. We consider safety, innovation and collaboration as vital parts of our business.

Atlas Green Recycling gladly advises organizations in the right methods of collecting their E-waste.


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